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Fish Oil Fallacy:
Learn why fish oil is not as helpful as many people believe. In fact, for most people consuming fish oil  going the wrong direction of favoring Derivative EFAs over Parent EFAs. See our scientific references!

Blogging About Parent Essential Oils

Please note that the blogs/experiences presented here are being shared by persons who invoke their First Amendment right to freely share opinion and experiential information. These blog/experiences and opinion/information are disavowed as being product claims or labeling. Those sharing information may or may not (we do not vet the statements given to us) have a financial interest in Parent Essential Oils products. We have not paid for any of these blog statements.

These blog entries are presented for the purpose of sharing experiences in the hopes of stimulating each person’s further research and in the hopes of increasing awareness and understanding of how Parent Essential Oils affect cell oxygen content and overall health. These experiences and opinions are not verified by the operators of this web site and are subject to errors of interpretation that only scientific studies could rule out. We do not guarantee these blog details to be accurate. Therefore, these blog entries must not be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. Please see our full disclaimer below.

  • I became a believer in PEOs when after taking 4 PEO softgels before beginning a 28 mile cross-country bike race, I finished the race with no joint pain and no muscle cramps. In fact, at the end of the 28 miles, I could have kept going while my companions were completely spent. This was the first time I had finished without being in pain in 4 years of bicycle racing.

    If that wasn’t enough, after just two months use of PEOs, after a routine medical checkup, my doctor asked me in a very serious way what I had been doing differently? Because I have been running slightly high on my cholesterol for several years, I expected to be told that my cholesterol had become worse and that I needed to go on drugs to reduce it. Instead, he told me that my cholesterol had come down 40 points, with my good cholesterol being higher and my bad cholesterol being much lower. I told him the only thing different that I had been doing was supplementing with PEOs. Patrick S.
  • You do not have to get cancer... how fatty acids oxygenate cells - click on this link to read the full blog entry.
  • For the past many years my feet/ankles have been swollen with fluid.  My work keeps me at my desk and that causes me a challenge.  After only a week of using Parent Essential Oils my swelling has been reduced dramatically.  This is the only time in recent time that anything has helped.  Donna M.
  • High blood pressure has been my problem for a long time.  I have been on medication for this and my real desire is to not take this any longer.  After just one week of using Parent Essential Oils my blood pressure is reading normal!  This is the first time I have seen a ‘supplement’ have this kind of effect on me.  I am very encouraged.  Corene C.
  • At 70 and after having a serious spinal injury one of my challenges is intensifying my physical workouts.  I am intent on rebuilding lean muscle mass and endurance.  Cramping and pain from lactic acid buildup during aggressive workouts plague everyone and especially people my age.  Since consuming Parent Essential Oils before my workouts and again later in the day, I have seen dramatic results.  My recovery is amazing even when I have gone way too far and past common sense.  Hank H.
  • Since using these parent oils for the first time now I can tell that my mind is sharper.  It’s been about a week since I started taking them and have been able to notice the difference.  Very encouraging. Sue C.
  • I knew that if you guys recommended these PEOs I would probably be pleased with the outcome.  I was still surprised that I could tell a definite increase of quality energy after taking them even the first time.  As a retired electrical engineer I analyze things quite well and I am excited about using the parent essential fatty acids long term.  Marcie R.
  • I stand with my recommendation of Brian Peskin, his work and his products.  I am looking forward to the arrival of his book on the “Hidden Causes of Cancer”.  I did order two bottles of the Parent Essential Oils and started taking them on Tuesday. I immediately noticed that I experienced less effort to do physical exercise and had a quicker recovery afterwards on my very next morning workout. Since I am in my 70’s I usually do not notice benefits so quickly when beginning to use a new supplement. Mel W.

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