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Fish Oil Fallacy:
Learn why fish oil is not as helpful as many people believe. In fact, for most people consuming fish oil  going the wrong direction of favoring Derivative EFAs over Parent EFAs. See our scientific references!

Brian Peskin Videos About Parent Essential Oils

Please note that the YouTube/Vimeo videos embedded here are disavowed as being product claims/labeling for products sold elsewhere on this website. These videos/opinions are presented for their educational value and for the purpose of sharing experiences in the hopes of stimulating each person’s further research and in the hopes of increasing awareness and understanding of how Parent Essential Oils affect cell oxygen content and overall health. YOU MUST NOT RELY on this information in regard to your own or another person’s health, but you are advised to consult with your own trusted health professional who knows you and your health condition before making any health-related decisions.

The Value of Parent Essential Oils


Brian Peskin Discussing the Superiority of Plant Based Seed Oils (Parent Essential Oils) at the Rain International Convention



Parent Essential Fatty Acids


Parent Essential Fatty Acids — Oxygenation and Cancer Prevention: A New Solution - Brian Peskin BS




The Hidden Story of Cancer



This may be the single best talk on the subject of health that you will ever hear.



The Failure of Statins to Improve Cardiovascular Health



A preview of this lecture from the 2009 A4M Anti-Aging Conference General Session in Las Vegas.



Professor Peskin Interview: Newsline Thailand, 2001



50 percent of Americans are overweight because they eat the wrong kind of diet. Watch this interview taking place in Thailand.


Digital Pulse Analysis - A Way to See the Benefits of PEOs



Learn about a way to see your cardiovascular health immediately and then see your cardiovascular health improve as you take Parent Essential Oils (or not improve as you use statin drugs).





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