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Fish Oil Fallacy:
Learn why fish oil is not as helpful as many people believe. In fact, for most people consuming fish oil  going the wrong direction of favoring Derivative EFAs over Parent EFAs. See our scientific references!

Fish Oil Science and Facts

Science is supposed to be observations that are repeatable by other scientists, not studies paid for by sponsors desiring a specific outcome. So, here we will bring you science that is duplicatable.

Experiment Bottom Line Determination: Fish oil supplementation causes cancer in mice.

On October 7, 2010, Medical News Today and the medical journal Cancer Research published the results of a study done by Michigan State University, in which it was reported that fish oil supplementation with mice resulted in:

- the development of deadly, late stage colon cancer.
- it took only 4 weeks for the tumors to develop.
- in not only mice receiving the highest doses, but those with lower doses as well.
- this was the opposite of what the study expected to find.
- contrary to expectations, dietary fish oil induced severe colitis and adenocarcinoma (cancer of colon lining).

From the above, please note the following:

  • Although animal experiments do not always translate into similar results with humans, often they do. Therefore, this experiment should be taken seriously. Fish Oil supplementation joins the ranks of many toxic substances as being shown to be a cancer promoter. Conclusion: Fish oil supplementation certainly caused colon cancer in mice.
  • Action to take:
    • Do not take fish/marine oil supplements. fish oil
    • Do not take krill oil supplements.
    • Do not eat algae-based supplements.
    • Do not take squid oil supplements.

Experiment Bottom Line Determination: Fish oil supplementation is dangerous to your health.

In June 4-9, 2000, The International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) 4th Congress, which was held in Tsukuba, Japan, reported the following: “Studies indicate that at the levels used, fish oil [comprised of omega-3 derivatives] decrease a wide range of immune cell responses (natural killer cell, cytotoxic T lymphocyte activities, lymphocyte proliferation and production of IL-2 and IFN-y (1,2))…”, “This decrease (of inhibited lymphocyte proliferation and natural killer cell activity) causes increased cellular bacteria [infection] and impaired tumor cell killing.”

From the above, please note the following:

  • Fish Oil supplementation caused immune response to go down. Conclusion: Any substance causing impaired tumor cell killing ability can help cause cancer which is the opposite of what most people desire.
  • A possible adverse consequence, in terms of lowered immune response from so many people eating fish oil is the rising rate of cancer contraction: Question: With so many people consuming fish oil, could this be another reason that cancer contraction rates are increasing instead of decreasing?
  • Harvard Medical School warned people years ago about fish oil, but too few Americans listened. Consuming whole fish instead of fish oil failed, too. Since 1981, cancer has been Japan’s #1 cause of death, despite their high consumption of fish.
  • Action to take:
    • Do not take fish/marine oil supplements. fish oil
    • Do not take krill oil supplements.
    • Do not eat algae-based supplements.
    • Do not take squid oil supplements.

Experiment Bottom Line Determination: Supplementation with DHA (active ingredient in fish oil) did not slow progression of Alzeheimer’s.

A 2010 study published in Jama, designed to determine if supplementation with DHA would slow the rate of functional and cognitive decline in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease Victims, showed no improvement, despite the fact that those selected for the study had low baseline DHA levels.

From the above, please note the following:

  • DHA (Fish oil) supplementation did not help. Conclusion: Fish oil supplementation is useless in regard to Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Action to take:
    • Spend your money elsewhere than fish oil, krill oil, algae based supplements or squid oil:

Fish Oil Facts:

A typical fish portion is 4 oz (113g). Consuming 1g of crude fish oil is comparable to eating a one-sixth portion of whole fish. That gram of crude fish oil yields about 250 mg of health-grade fish oil, so it takes two-thirds of a portion to produce a single gram of health-food-grade fish oil. But it takes 100g of “health-grade” fish oil to yield just 1g of “pharmaceutical grade” fish oil. Thus, a single capsule of “super pure” omega 3, EPA, DHA, etc. is the equivalent of 71 portions (over 17 POUNDS) of unprocessed FISH!

It is a fact that it takes a whopping 17 pounds of fish to fill just 1 processed “Pharma-grade fish oil capsule. You should also be aware that fish have no oil glands and in order to produce fish oil supplements, the fish will undergo a lot of PROCESSING to get “juiced fish”, i.e. oil. During the “juicing”, you have likely altered the natural oils from fish. Moreover, fish contains high derivative omega 3 which is not the required PEOs for human body.

A lot of fish are being destroyed to make a health-harming or, at best, useless supplement. You, certainly couldn’t eat 17 lbs of fish, the amount of fish required to make one capsule. Most people take several capsules a day of fish oil—can’t you see that this is OVERDOSING in a big way, and slaughtering fish for no good reason.


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