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Fish Oil Fallacy:
Watch a video presentation about the fact that fish oil will hurt you, more than help you... because it puts fatty acid derivatives into your body instead of the helpful parent omega fatty acids - incredible exposť - includes scientific references!

Also, read Dr. Kondrot’s article on fish oil toxicity.

List of Sources of Parent (Essential) Omega Oils

Linolenic acid and alpha-linolenic acid are the only truly essential fatty acids. Essential means that from these, the body can make the other fatty acids needed in our many biological processes. Seeds contain the highest percentages of parent omega oils. The more of these one eats the better.

  • Chia seed - 64%.
  • Kiwi seed - 62%
  • Perilla seed - 58%
  • Flax seed- 55%
  • Lingonberry seed - 49%
  • Purslane seed - 35%
  • Black raspberry seed - 33%
  • Sea buckthorn seed- 32%
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